Welcome to SoQapital

"A little more to everything”

Who we are

Newly established advisory company gathering experienced senior partners together to make a little more to everything.

Locate and identify sound sustainable investment opportunities, including follow-through, and an active ownership approach.

Operate in the Nordic market 

Our experience 
and network

Many years of senior executive experience within industry fields as: 

Hållbara investeringar
  • Water and Aquaculture

  • Energy, green energy solutions, oil and gas, Power

  • Property Development, Construction and Facility Management

  • Software Development

  • Maritime Operations

  • Food and Beverage

  • SAR - Safety

  • Finance

  • Experts within industrial and urban symbiosis 

  • Aquaculture - Circular industrial parks

  •  Food, nutrition & biobased products

  • Marine transport -

  • Marine and subsea mapping –

  • High value Greentech production facilities (micro chips)

  • Green Energy facilities built around battery production plants

  • Water as resource - Water treatment and resource/nutrient (back to value chain) 

Investment opportunities 
and targets


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